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The 2018 TOC paid out $758,030. at their annual tournament in Kansas with big payouts outs for Champions such as:

  • Gold Mixed Doubles Invitational (MDI) 1st – $50,000.
  • World Cricket Challenge 1st – $20,000.
  • Cricket Singles Invitational 1st – $10,000
  • Plus so much more…

Photo Adam Stella Canada & Tricia Romero USA – Gold MDI Champions sharing $50,000 USD

By Rick Smith

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The 6th annual Tournament of Champions (TOC) was the exciting season climax for almost 1000 North American darters.
This is an exclusive 5-day event for players that qualified throughout the season by participating in the PPD’s league and tournament program.

Congratulations is due to the PPD for running a world-class event and also for

hosting one of the fastest growing league and tournament programs in North America.

New this year was the addition of the World Cricket Challenge and the Cricket Singles Invitational. The WCC carried a $50,000 prize purse with $20,000 to first place and the CSI boasted a $10,000 first place prize for the 32 league players that qualified to this exclusive event. Be sure to check out those articles in this issue.
This year saw the PPD’s new “Bullpen” set up with 8 boards dedicated to the main event finals and the inaugural World Cricket Challenge. Livestreaming by USA Productions with Kevin Malenfant along with commentators DJ Sayre and Gordon Dixon rounded out the show.


The Mixed Doubles Invitational (MDI) saw Tricia Romero capture her second back to back MDI title. The highest paying title in North America provided a cool $50,000 to split between Romero and her luck of the draw partner Adam Stel-la of New Brunswick, Canada. “I just knew we were going to win it”, stated Romero.

“We had chemistry, had fun and I was so lucky to get such a great partner. I wanted to win. Back to back titles means a lot and of course the money is fantastic” Romero, representing operator American Amusements, shared, “With my winnings we are looking at buying a house and this is a huge help for my family.”

It was a stellar debut at the TOC for Canadian, Adam Stella, representing

Maximum Darts. Stella rocked the Canadian darts scene with his big win. Taking home $25,000 is impressive on either side of the border. When asked how it felt, “It felt like winning $33,000 Canadian”, joked Stella. “It wasn’t until I called my wife that it really sunk in. Hearing how happy she was made me feel amazing! This will really help with university for the kids.” Adam continued,

“It’s been a great year for me. I won 3 PPD Super Saturday singles,had a great Bullshooter World Championship in Chicago, been winning numerous steel tip tournaments and the MDI was the icing on the cake” “I’m getting a great fan base and I think that comes with conducting yourself right and winning events” “This is going to have a good impact on soft tip darts in Canada. When people see the kind of money involved, they will join in and really, can you blame them? It’s there for the taking so anyone with the opportunity should be jumping on board with Maximum Darts and the PPD.

Second place finishers Amy Borland of J & J Ventures and Wes White from Automatic Vendors fought their way back to fight for the king seat after taking their first loss from Stella and Romero. This was no easy route as this pair faced some tough competition and they rightfully earned their place in the finals. A few nervous and missed shots sealed their fate as they watched first place and $50K slip away from them. $5,000 for second place was still a great win for a single day of darts.


On the final day of the TOC, the Elite and Gold Finales are played down. These are super exclusive events for league players that earn a TOC voucher to qualify through singles events.
In keeping with the PPD culture of providing great opportunities for every skill level and equal payouts for Men and Women, the Finales are the pinnacle event of the TOC with over $200,000 in payouts for one day.

Players who make it through the qualifiers compete in the Elite Finale for a $20,000 first place prize, $ 10,000-second place and all the way down to $800 for last place.
All players that fail to advance to Elite are placed in the Gold Finale paying out $5,000 for first and $38,000 total purse for every bracket paying all the way to last place.

What makes the TOC Finale events unique and fun is the twist of being a draw doubles event. This helps level the playing field and gives everyone a fair shot at drawing a top-rated partner.

The Gold Finales are further leveled with flighted brackets. Everyone headed to the TOC wants to have a coveted spot in this event.
In the Men’s Elite Finale, Travis Johnson & Kevin Schmitz were crowned the 2017 Elite Finale Champions after edging out Jeff Smith and Jeff Cohee in the finals.

In the Womens Elite Finale, Julie Weger was looking for her 3rd consecutive title. Julie had to settle for 2nd place thought to the 2017 champions Jessica Hahn & Kelly Meares.