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                            COSMO PRODUCT REVIEW WITH TYLER RETTIE

Darren Webster Darts – Steel Tip


The Darren Webster barrels are a shorter, more traditional straight barrel design that from the first look, can suit almost any grip. The packaging is very simple yet elegant with its simple black box and padded inserts that hold the darts like a high-end watch.


The barrel is a shorter, straight traditional design that has a tapered nose and ringed grip throughout the barrel. At the front, the tapered nose has some cosmetic vertical lines followed by small sections of ring grip, a smooth part in the middle with vertical cuts in it, and at the very rear, there is more ringed grip.

The barrel feels pretty center balanced and the grip is quite strong for ringed grip. I found holding the dart at the front section of grip worked best for me and when trying different positions it was surprisingly comfortable.

I did find that the shortness of the barrel forced me to use a longer stem in my setup, but once I found a good setup these things flew amazing! And with the grip being throughout the whole barrel I can see these working well for anyone.


The Cosmo Darren Webster darts are a great shorter traditional barrel that can work for many players. The grip pattern is simple but very effective and almost instantly feels comfortable in your hands. The length of the barrel is the only thing that was a slight negative; I wish it was a bit longer and that could be an issue for some players with larger hands.

Cosmo has created another great dart in these and continue to live up to the high standard we are used to.

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