I am absolutely loving the direction darts is headed.

Steel tip in North America is going strong and having the PDC back in North America is good news all day long. Soft tip is breaking new ground, still growing in the USA and taking off like a rocket in Canada.

New barrels being released are outstanding in design & innovation and somehow the market leaders just keep outdoing themselves.

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.

Since the PDC moved on, leaving a fresh wave of desires and ambitions in their wake, we have seen Jeff Smith make history in Japan by being the first Canadian to win the WDF World Cup singles.

No small feat and the first time a North American has pulled this off since Nicky Virachkul of the USA did it in 1979. This is an accomplishment worthy of making the cover of BEN.


Partners Promoting Darts (PPD) holds bragging rights to the highest paying event in North America. They paid out a whopping $50,000 USD to their Mixed Doubles Invitational winners, Adam Stella and Tricia Romero. (on the cover).

The PPD is drawing the eyes of the world to North American soft tip darts with their World Cricket Challenge. You know they’re doing things right when they can tack on a $50,000 world invitational event to their annual $800K league championship.

World Cricket Challenge top 4

Top 4 of the World Cricket Challenge


Maximum Darts


Soft tip in Canada is enjoying a fantastic boom thanks to Bullshooter operator, Maximum Darts and their status as the exclusive PPD partner in the great white north.



Canada has long been a bastion for steel tip, producing world class talent like John Part and Jeff Smith. These aren’t flukes either. You don’t get to that level by being the only fish in the pond. The talent pool runs deep which is evident by the accomplishments from many players in both steel and soft.

Sponsors are taking notice and the number of Canadian players getting sponsorship deals is booming also.


USA talent is phenomenal. Chris Lim following in his father’s footsteps winning a Dartslive World Stage event joining Alex Reyes as a force to be reckoned with.

The talent coming out of the CDC long format steel tip program is almost alarming.

I firmly believe we will see North America soon give birth to another world champion. We’re just waiting for the water to break 🙂

Shoot well and never give up!

Rick Smith, Publisher, Bulls Eye News